CON- Climate Change

-Scientists against Climate Change inform others that natural changes and disasters are what cause climate change.

-Climate change only happens due to natural things.

-When the weather changes throughout the year, it is only because of the seasons.

-Humanity has nothing to do with the change in the weather throughout the year.

-The way people act, and dispose garbage has nothing to do with climate change.

-Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and much more are all causes to the change in our weather throughout the year.

- This situation does not need to alarm people, it only comes naturally.

- If humanity was to blame for the change in the weather, then people should be concerned.

-Scientists who are against climate change indicate that scientists who believe humanity changes the weather say that they are completely wrong.

-Over the years, things in nature change and that is what causes the climate change all around the world.


Climate change is a real threat that is being caused by humans with in the the Earth's system. Years ago natural disasters have been going on, but it has never been said that it is caused by humans. As the years went on, industries and technology has gotten a lot better and the result of all that caused the climate to change. Ice caps are melting, weather is colder when it should be hotter. There is a lot of pollution in the air more than ever. Industries refuse to cut down on any work because they believe it's not a threat to the world. As industries and technology began improving that is when changes in the Earth's climate started changing. The way we live, and what we use everyday is the result to the changes we are experiencing. Though some might say natural disasters cause the changes in climate, it could be right. But over the years there was no threat about natural disasters until technology and industries improved and major changes were made in the Earth's climate change. Actions that humans take each day, driving cars, making new technology and much more cause the changes in the climate.


(The graph shows the percentage of the things that is being polluted in the air. The power stations have the highest percentage of greenhouse gas. The industrial process releases greenhouse gas as well while in use to make things. Everything that humans are using to improve technology and many more are causing greenhouse gases that are being released into the air. Therefore changing the temperature and weather.)