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Headlines from newspapers online. Videos and articles dealing with the hurricane.
Photos of damages that have been done. Pages go on that have to do with New Orleans.

Hurricane Katrina was the biggest hits America has ever hit that hit on the 29 of August, 2005.
The economic loss was 125 billion. It left the whole city under water. People are questioning wether it should be rebuilt or not.
It costs a lot to rebulit a new wall that might come back down again if there is a hurricane.

The rebuilding of the city has a few different views. Some say that people should have the chance to get
their houses back. Others say it might happen again. People took pictures from the damage and released them
to the public and people made their own comments to the whole situation.

http://www.cnn.com/2005/WEATHER/08/28/hurricane.katrina/ This article was written as soon as the hurricane had hit. It released on the interenet
telling about the city and how many people live in New Orleans. What caused the hurricane in the first place.

The devistation and tragic event happening in New Orleans.
It has left many without houses and without any food. Also where people gathered after the tragic thing that has happened.

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